the smartphone will be unveiled on October 14


The future of OnePlus may be blurry (the brand comes from close several European offices, including the one in France), the Chinese manufacturer still plans to launch a smartphone this fall. It is on October 14 that the OnePlus 8T will be announced during a virtual event. The brand has already confirmed that its new high-end smartphone will be accompanied by a new edition of the OnePlus North, undoubtedly even more affordable.

A OnePlus Watch?

According to many rumors, OnePlus could also create a surprise by announcing its first connected watch. Its teaser is content for now to unveil a slight preview of the OnePlus 8T non-curved screen. The smartphone would use a 6.55-inch Full HD + OLED panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz according to several rumors. The 8T would therefore succeed the 8… and would leave the 8 Pro alone in its category. This smartphone could also be the first OnePlus compatible with Oppo’s 65W ultra-fast charging, a characteristic that brings the two cousin brands even closer (they both belong to the BBK Group).

The question of the future of OnePlus still arises. is currently trying to find out more about the future of the brand in Europe and the rest of the world. It seems very likely to us that BBK Electronics, the owner of OnePlus, is no longer really betting on this brand. These launches were undoubtedly scheduled for a long time. We will tell you more in the coming weeks.

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