the suppression of surrounding noise finally arrives … but not for all


Google Meet’s noise reduction technology works extremely well when using the web version of the app. Try it, you will be amazed. Mobile apps do not. Google is, however, on the way to filling this gap. But, there is a but “. It only deploys on iOS and Android mobile versions that are associated with an account G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Enterprise for Education.

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If you or your company does not have such a license, there is no need to look for the noise reduction feature on the mobile version of Meet. You won’t find it.

Google also does not seem decided to deploy this tool on consumer apps, probably preferring to give a little more functionality to those who have decided to pay a license to use its services. And we can only regret it at a time when teleworking and social distancing force us to use more and more applications of this kind.

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