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Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange and SFR will be able to launch 5G from November 18 on the 3.5 GHz core frequency band. Arcep said it would put a deployment observatory online a few days after the first commercial network opening (s). It will not be a question of controlling the quality of service of 5G but to list the sites activated in 5G by operator and frequency band, as well as to ensure a mapping by region.

Pacify the debate by informing

The first objective is to inform elected officials and citizens of the arrival of 5G in their territory. The whole thing being to avoid that localities opposed to the mobile telephone standard do not wake up one morning to find that antennas are broadcasting. “We want to provide objective and precise information and a maximum of transparency, while the debates are quite intense on this technology”, explained Sébastien Soriano during a press briefing. From 2021, it is planned to complete this table with the three-month deployment forecasts for 5G sites.

Enforce operators’ obligations

The second mission of this observatory will be to verify that the operators respect their coverage commitments. Remember that they must deploy 3,000 sites in 2022, 8,000 sites in 2024 and 10,500 sites in 2025 on frequencies in the 3.4 / 3.8 GHz band.

In addition, they will also have obligations outside large urban agglomerations, in rural areas and industrial areas. This will be to prevent too great a territorial divide from setting in, in the event that 5G is concentrated in cities. This is why the speed increases for sites with a theoretical capacity of at least 240 Mbit / s will be indicated, whether they are 4G or 5G. 75% of all mobile sites are expected to achieve this performance by 2022. “5G will work in parallel with 4G + to increase capacity throughout the country”, said Arcep president Sébastien Soriano. All sites should have switched to 5G by 2030. That is to say when 6G could be launched!

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