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When you think of the islands of the Bahamas, you most certainly imagine white sandy beaches, sparkling azure waters and friendly smiley faces. Without a doubt, the Bahamas is home to beautiful scenery and warm islanders, but this Caribbean getaway is also the destination of choice for bonefish enthusiasts around the world. For your next trip to the sun, consider visiting the island of Great Exuma Bahamas and participate in the thrilling sport of bone fishing.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or an amateur fisherman, bone fishing is a popular sport that everyone enjoys. Bone fishing is one of the most popular forms of sport fishing in the world. Bony fish are actually found in the Caribbean, but are particularly abundant in the waters around some islands. Bony fish spend their time swimming along very shallow shores digging for food. These fast moving silver fish average between 4 and 6 pounds, but can grow up to 19 pounds. The sport of bone fishing is not a passive activity. In fact, you won’t be spending time sitting on a boat casting your reel. For bonefish, groups of three or four people jump off the boat at the same time and follow schools of fish. Bone fishing is an ideal activity for a group of friends or a family on vacation in the Caribbean, and the island of Great Exuma is the perfect place to experience the fun of this popular sport.

Great Exuma Island has earned its worldwide reputation for fantastic bone fishing thanks to its endless, firm white sand beaches teeming with small to medium sized bone fish. These flats are ideal for wading barefoot and in their shallow waters you will find plenty of opportunities to tail and hook a variety of bonefish. As you stand in the crystal clear waters looking for the fast and slippery one, don’t forget to notice the other exciting and beautiful marine life.

Whether you want to plan the fishing trip of a lifetime or just want to try an exciting sport, bone fishing in Great Exuma, the Bahamas is an engaging activity for everyone! There are several experienced guides on the island who will be happy to accompany you for a day or a week, from sun to sunset. Casting your line into the turquoise sea, you will no doubt feel the thrill of standing among a mysterious underwater world. There is nothing better than hooking up your first bonefish and you might find yourself embracing the sport as a favorite pastime. Experience the ultimate in sport fishing today in Great Exuma, Bahamas. Fun describes it well!

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