the war of exclusives between Microsoft and Sony has begun


Microsoft had warned us. His presentation last night on Xbox Games Showcase, would be devoted to games, and nothing to upcoming games in the Xbox ecosystem first, and on PC by extension. Promise kept!

There have been lots of titles, as recalled in the press release posted on the official Xbox blog:

“We unveiled ten world exclusive games and over 20 titles coming to Xbox Game Pass, including announcing exclusive games from nine of the 15 Xbox Game Studios. “

Between the highly anticipated licenses (Halo, Forza), those which we no longer believed (Fable !) or the games that created surprises because we thought they had been abandoned by their creators (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2), the pace of announcements has been sustained. We offer you a quick tour of the 10 exclusives that caught our attention, in the Twitter thread below.

In all, Microsoft has announced that 100 games will be available on Xbox Series X when it launches before the end of the year. Understand by this that, some will either come out before on One and will be optimized for the Series X or, conversely, that they will come out a little after the console but will be both cut for the One and the Series X by magic. backward compatibility or Smart Delivery.

Source: Xbox Wire

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