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Prime Minister Jean Castex chaired Friday afternoon a national ceremony to pay tribute to the six young French people killed on Sunday in an attack in Niger, after the arrival of their remains in France.

An airplane carrying the bodies of six young French people killed in an attack on Sunday in Niger, landed in the morning at Orly airport, near Paris, from Niamey.

After meeting the families at the airport’s pavilion of honor, Prime Minister Jean Castex presided over a tribute ceremony, accompanied by the Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, and Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, responsible in particular for French people living abroad.

“The victims of this attack came to Niger to do good and have encountered evil there,” said the Prime Minister. “Only evil can shoot point blank at people who have come to support populations in distress.”

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Jean Castex denounced a crime aimed at “striking the innocent in order to reach us in our values”, drawing a parallel with the terrorist attacks in France: “It is the same hatred, cowardice, inhumanity which was at work in Niger and at the Bataclan. “


The head of government announced that the anti-terrorism prosecution had been seized of the investigation, specifying that the track of a terrorist attack was privileged in view of the area concerned and the modus operandi.

The culprits “will be hunted down relentlessly”, he asserted forcefully, before paying tribute to the six French victims, “young, generous and brilliant”, who have shown a “total” commitment to the humanitarian cause. .

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“The whole of France is in mourning for your children,” said Jean Castex in front of the families of the victims. “In front of these six aligned coffins, I want above all to express the sorrow, the pain, the incomprehension, the anger of all the French”, added the head of government, evoking “children of whom you can be proud, including France whole can be proud “.

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