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In the aftermath of new fierce repressions by the Burmese army against the opposition, France 24 receives, Sunday, Alex Aung Khant, Burmese activist and member of the NLD party. He raised the possibility that the protests against the junta coup could lead to “civil war” and called on the international community to act “concretely”.

“It is no longer an institutional army, it is an army that scares people,” said Alex Aung Khant, a Burmese activist and member of the NLD party, on Sunday April 10, on the antenna of France 24.

While Burmese security forces killed more than 80 anti-coup protesters near Yangon on Thursday evening and Friday, the activist, also grandnephew of the Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi, arrested on February 1 by the military junta, denounced this violence and called on the international community to act.

“This imbalance of forces no longer gives a choice”

Since February 1, the date of the putsch orchestrated by the military, “we have demonstrated fairly peacefully, but little by little, the army is using violence against us and we no longer have a choice”, explains Alex Aung Khant, referring to demonstrators dislodged into their homes and arrested by the police. “This power imbalance leaves no choice, and there is a real possibility that the country will fall into a civil war.”

Faced with this repression, which has killed nearly 600 people since the beginning of February, the activist interviewed by France 24 calls on the international community to action. “We need to be more creative,” he said, urging foreign countries to go beyond “classic” sanctions, in particular by examining the links that the Burmese military junta maintains with “businessmen who keep bank accounts “in Singapore or Hong Kong, by refusing to recognize the military regime, and any other action allowing” to dissuade the army from continuing the violence “.

Moreover, if China, which described the coup d’état as a “reshuffle”, has, according to Alex Aung Khant, any interest in intervening in the crisis by ceasing to support the Burmese junta, the activist and member of the NLD assures that France also has a card to play, due to the presence of many companies established for a long time on Burmese soil.

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