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Tesla’s long collection of failed theft attempts has a new anecdote. This new news item comes to us from Australia and features Annabelle Brett, the happy owner of a Model 3 and two not very gifted individuals who tried to steal it from him. Ms Brett, who works for a radio station in Canberra, explains that she received a theft alert from her Tesla app.

Indeed, unlike some traditional vehicles with an alarm, Tesla use their cameras to ensure their safety thanks to the “Sentry Mode” function. The latter allows the immediate environment of the car to be recorded in real time or in the cloud, especially when it is handled without the consent of its owner.

How to play with your thieves from a distance

Alerted by her Tesla, the owner helped by a friend tried to go to her garage but the thugs had already set sail behind the wheel of the Model 3. She then explains that she thought to look at the position of the car on her application , another well-known feature among Model S users and others Model Y. It was upon realizing that the burglars were only a hundred yards ahead that she and her friend decided to follow them in another vehicle.

“We got in the car, I called the police and just followed my Tesla looking at the map on my app,” she says. But Annabelle Brett did not stop there: “My application allows me to control some parameters of my car, for example I can slow it down slightly, but I also took the opportunity to make their life hell by lowering the windows or by making her honk ”.

While the owner made her thieves goats, the police took the opportunity to join the protagonists. The two individuals seeing their operation getting complicated tried to escape but in the process one of them dropped … his driver’s license. Thus permanently sealing its fate.

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