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We told you about it last month: the 100% passive case of the heat dissipation champions of MonsterLabo called “The Beast” is finally available. Second passive box after The First, The Beast is a jewel of design designed to dissipate in a totally passive way no less than 400W. And for those users for whom a (inaudible) fan isn’t blasphemy, the goldsmith’s piece can dissipate up to 600W. Enough to integrate up to RTX3080s and super powerful CPUs over 120 watts.

Announced last month, the case now has a price: 680 euros. A price certainly high, but which is justified by advanced engineering and small series production. If it is necessary to add the power supply (if possible passive of course!) As well as the components (motherboard, CPU, GPU) and elbow grease, all of the dissipation elements and cables are included in the price .

MonsterLabo should send us a machine by the end of the year and we’ll see if, yes or no, we can envision an extreme gaming machine without any decibel! Boxes ordered from now on will be delivered during the month of February 2021.

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