A sustainable Game Boy, really?

A team of researchers from Northwestern University, located in Michigan, United States, has developed a portable mini-console modeled on the legendary Game Boy. But unlike its predecessor, it works without batteries and without battery!

The device is equipped with solar collectors around the screen and on the lower part, while pressing the buttons also supplies the console with power. Thanks to this, you no longer need to interrupt your games to change the batteries in your Game Boy, even if the system is still largely perfectible, since the device does not emit sound and micro-cuts occur during use.

But the gist is not there, for the team that developed this “durable console”. The idea was to demonstrate that it is possible to manufacture the connected objects of tomorrow today, while the production of batteries for connected objects continues to increase.

One date, two new Xboxes

Microsoft made it official last week, forced by the many leaks that have circulated on social networks: there will be two new Xbox consoles this year. While we already knew the design of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft unveiled the S Series, a more compact, less powerful and 100% digital console. It is intended more for casual gamers or those who do not make 4K gaming a priority.

The great thing about the Xbox Series S is its price. Sold for 299 euros, against 499 euros for the Xbox Series X, it offers a good compromise between a new generation console and a limited budget, especially for players who want to try Microsoft’s Game Pass, a catalog of a hundred games accessible by subscription . Both models will be available on November 10, and pre-orders will begin on September 22.

A connected box to screen for Covid-19

In the rest of the news this week, check out images of LoopX, a box capable of displaying the results of a PCR test against the coronavirus in record time. Developed by a Norman start-up, Loop Dee Science, it could very quickly find its place in private companies, laboratories and public hospitals.

Last week also saw the arrival of Android 11, the new version of Google’s mobile OS for your smartphone. Quite sober, this update still offers some interesting new features, such as better prioritization of your conversations, as well as a control center giving you access to your payment cards or connected objects. The test of this new version is available on our site.

Finally, in the Snap this week, also find the new electric truck from Volta Trucks, the impressive images of the explosion of an electric SUV in China, as well as a duet choreography between a Japanese dancer and her avatar in augmented reality. .

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