What design for the long-awaited Sonos headphones? To this question, the most impatient begin to have an answer. This thanks to a patent filed by the brand of Santa Barbara. In this 45-page document, we can see the drawings of two hypothetical designs for the device.

The first shows a helmet whose headphones are connected by only one side to the hoop, like models of Bowers & Wilkins or Microsoft. On the second, it is a simple rod that would hold the arch on the outside of the earpiece, as for the Bose NC700.

Wi-Fi in headphones?

Faithful to the philosophy of the American manufacturer, the device could both embed a Bluetooth connection, but also Wi-Fi. The latter would allow the headset to be integrated into a multiroom speaker installation when used at home .

In January 2019, Bloomberg was confirming rumors saying Sonos was working well on such a product. According to the US site, its price could be around $ 300, but its release date is still a mystery.

Source: Digitaltrends

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