A philosopher robot, developed by Canadian computer scientist Murat Ayfer, has somehow passed the Turing test on one of the most famous forums on the web. Called “Philosopher AI”, this service is based on the neural network GPT-3 and trained to create philosophical answers, on life, death, etc. Normally, it’s only accessible through a mobile app, but someone has managed to plug it into the “AskReddit” thread, where the exchanges sometimes touch philosophy.

The robot thus pretended to be a human for a week, before being disconnected. And the result is quite impressive. The generated texts are consistent and logical, sometimes even moving and brilliant. From time to time, we notice small inconsistencies that make you doubt. But what betrayed the robot the most was its speed. He posted long replies almost instantly, which no human is able to do.

But it’s probably only a matter of time before this flaw is corrected as well. A few years from now, some forum users may have the unpleasant surprise that the friends they have made online are really just artificial intelligences!

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