this small portable speaker has surprising sound power


Rock fans all know Marshall, the famous manufacturer whose amplifiers are used by bands such as AC / DC. The brand also offers headphones and portable speakers, including this new Emberton model (149 euros) that we tested.

Side look, no problem, it’s Marshall. The mythical logo is present, as well as the color black. The only thing missing is the rotary knobs found on other models to control volume, bass and treble. Here, a central multifunction button manages volume, power on and playback. A secondary button is used to perform Bluetooth pairing.


The Emberton sends heavy

The speaker is compact (68 x 160 x 76 mm), but surprises with its sound power. It is able according to our tests to reach the high figure of 122 dB without saturation. Something to break the ears of the neighbors! The other surprise of the Emberton lies in the way it produces stereo. Instead of positioning the speakers to the left and right on the front, Marshall positions them respectively to the front and to the rear. Thanks to this technology, called True Stereophonic, the speaker is able to deliver 360-degree sound. On the other hand, stereo purists will be disturbed because the rendering is no longer left / right type but forward and backward.

The Emberton delivers a warm sound with good bass, but lacks a bit of detail. Fans of rock and RnB will find their account there, but those of jazz and classical music will pass their way.


Almost 21 hours of autonomy

Side endurance, Marshall keeps his promises. The manufacturer announces an autonomy of more than 20 hours and we measured … 20 hours 56 minutes. Note that the speaker is delivered with a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable, but without a charger. You will have to take the one from your smartphone. The battery level is indicated by a series of red bars on the top of the case.

At the end of the tests, the Emberton convinced the rock fans that we are, with two small downsides: the absence of an audio input jack and a microphone for use as a hands-free kit.

Finally, you will have no problem using this portable speaker near a swimming pool or a lake, as it is waterproof (IPX7 certification).

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