New provocation from Epic Games. After adding last week to Fortnite an option to bypass the 30% commission from Apple and Google – which cost him an exclusion from the App Store and the Play Store – the developer announces today to organize a tournament against Apple.

On August 23, players of all platforms (except those playing on iOS) will be able to win gifts themed around #FreeFortnite, the movement initiated by Epic Games to pit its fans against the company of Cupertino.

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Rewards poking fun at Apple

The best players in the tournament will receive fun rewards. Among them, a #FreeFortnite cap hijacking the historic colorful Apple logo. It will also be possible to win a villain skin from the 1984 Epic Games parody, corresponding to a sort of evil Tim Cook with an apple-shaped head.

The lucky ones will also be able to win valuable items. 1200 high-end gifts, such as Alienware computers, OnePlus 8 Pro smartphones, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X or Nintendo Switch will be distributed. The goal is to be as efficient as possible throughout the day.

Epic Games takes advantage of this announcement to remind that, on August 27, Fortnite will stop working on iOS. Once again, the company is trying to convince gamers of Apple’s meanness to win the popular fight. Cupertino, for its part, leaves Epic Games a few days to end its rebellion and threatens to deprive it of its development tools.

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