thousands of Algerians stranded in France because of the Covid-19


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Dozens of Algerians from all over France gathered outside their embassy in Paris to put pressure on the Algerian authorities. Blocked in France for four months due to the Covid-19 crisis, they are asking to be repatriated home.

Having come to see their families, seek treatment in France or simply to visit the French capital, more than 5,000 Algerians passing through have found themselves trapped for four months in France, due to the Covid-19 crisis.

France 24 went to meet them in front of the Algerian embassy in Paris, where they are demonstrating for the third time.

The European Union announced on June 30 the reopening of its air borders with Algeria, but Algiers has kept all its borders closed since June 28.

Protesters gathered in front of their embassy in Paris are calling for emergency repatriations. Many are short of resources and roam the capital. Others have lost their jobs or are worried about their relatives left alone in the country.

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