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In the midst of the trial on the January 2015 attacks, the director of human resources at Charlie Hebdo announced on Monday that she had to leave her home in an emergency. The weekly’s team, which republished cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during the legal action, is the target of regular threats.

“I had ten minutes to do my business and leave my home. Ten minutes to give up part of his existence, it’s a bit short, and it’s very violent. I will not be coming home,” said the director of human resources Charlie hebdo on point.

Marika Bret was exfiltrated from her home because of threats considered serious, she explained, Monday, September 21, in an interview. These “precise and detailed threats” were received on September 14 by the security officers who have been protecting it for almost 5 years.

An exfiltration which “reflects the unprecedented level of tension with which we are confronted”, notes the director of human resources of the French newspaper, emphasizing “a level of hallucinatory hatred around Charlie Hebdo”.

Since the start of the trial and with the republication of the cartoons, we received all kinds of horrors, in particular threats from Al-Qaeda and calls to finish the work of the Kouachi brothers, ”testifies Marika Bret.

Al-Qaeda threats

The terrorist organization Al-Qaeda threatened to attack again Charlie Hebdo, which republished cartoons of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad during the trial, claiming that the deadly January 2015 raid on the newspaper “n ‘ was not a one-time incident “.

The trial on the January 2015 attacks, which continues with a very high security system, has seen several members of the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo, who were seriously injured by terrorists in the armed attack of January 7, 2015, at the helm since September 2, 2015. Twelve people were killed during this attack perpetrated by Chérif and Saïd Kouachi.

After the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the Montrouge assassination, the Paris Special Assize Court has plunged, since Monday, into the horror of the Hyper Cacher hostage-taking on January 9, 2015, during which four men, all Jews, were killed.

Fourteen people are on trial for their alleged logistical support to the perpetrators of these attacks.

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