Three rockets fired from southern Lebanon into Israel, no damage


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Three rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel on Thursday evening, the IDF said. The shooting, which did not cause damage or casualties, comes as the Hebrew state and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas have been in the midst of armed conflict for four days.

It is not yet known who fired three rockets from the south of the Lebanon to Israel on the evening of Thursday, May 12. The motivation of the authors, on the other hand, seems clear: to take advantage of escalation of conflict between the Israeli army and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas to open a new front between the Hebrew state and Lebanon.

Two sources close to Hezbollah told AFP that this Lebanese armed movement was not involved in the shootings. The Israeli army has, for the time being, contented itself with confirming these shots, specifying that the rockets had fallen in the Mediterranean.

The surge in violence between Israel and Hamas, the sharpest since the Gaza war in 2014, has already killed 103 people, including 27 children, and 580 injured in Gaza, and seven dead and dozens injured in Israeli territory.

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