The Chinese group ByteDance Ltd. requests this Wednesday a temporary blocking of the ban on its application TikTok, which could occur this weekend.

ByteDance uses the same arguments that allowed WeChat to avoid the ban last week. One of them states that this would undermine the First Amendment and cause a “Irreparable harm” to the company. In addition to this legal remedy, TikTok continues to negotiate with the duo Oracle and Walmart. ByteDance has also filed a request with Beijing and is now awaiting validation.

The same arguments as WeChat

The ban on TikTok, enacted by an Aug. 6 executive order by President Trump, is more broadly part of the administration’s tough offensive against the Chinese government. Officially, it’s about ensuring the security of US user data. Unofficially, Trump’s team is hoping this strategy will work in favor of him in the November presidential election.

A agreement had yet been found last week and had even been validated by the president. But everything has been suspended since ByteDance said it would keep 80% shares in the new TikTok Global entity. The duo Oracle and Walmart, which must enter up to 20% in the company, says for its part that most of the capital would become American.

Source: Bloomberg

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