If you like twists and turns, the standoff between TikTok and Donald Trump must be your thing. After announcing last Friday that TikTok would be banned within two days, Donald Trump finally validated in extremis on Saturday evening a partnership between the Chinese social network, Oracle and Walmart.
His wish to resell TikTok to an American company was not granted but the American president could still be happy to see the data of American users managed by Oracle’s servers. Eventually, Oracle and Walmart were also to share 20% of the company’s capital and create 25,000 jobs.

Problem, Donald Trump now wondering if this agreement is enough, ByteDance keeping control of the application. The Chinese company fears that the American president will put his veto and ban it as early as next Sunday, when the Commerce Ministry is supposed to crack down if the agreement is not signed.

TikTok wants to play the watch

For Donald Trump, the Oracle / Walmart duo must control TikTok. “If we find that they don’t have full control, then we won’t approve the deal” he said on the show Fox & Friends in which he participates regularly.
The American president explains that he did not understand at the beginning that ByteDance intended to retain the majority of the company’s shares and thus retain Chinese sovereignty over TikTok. A few days before its supposed ban, the social network therefore knows itself threatened.

According to Fox Business, WeChat’s legal victory encourages TikTok to stop being manipulated by Trump and play for time. Indeed, the social network dreams of a court decision that would prohibit Trump from banning the application for a certain time, the time to investigate the real threat it poses to national security.
In this scenario, TikTok could be protected until November, i.e. after the presidential election. The plan is quite simple, discuss with President-elect Joe Biden rather than President Donald Trump. All this could be risky in the event of re-election of the current president who could be even more severe.

What will happen to TikTok on Sunday? Will the application that we thought saved on Monday finally be banned? In Donald Trump’s America, it’s hard to predict.

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