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Netball is a popular sport for girls all over the world. As a sport that is not only played in schools but also professionally in the Super League, netball is an activity that requires not only the dedication and skill of many other team games such as football. and rugby, but also requires the perfect kit. .

As any athlete will confirm, wearing the right sportswear can make a huge difference not only to the enjoyment of the player, but also to their performance. This is especially true in more dynamic sports such as netball, as running, turning, and jumping all require certain design features in each garment.

The essentials for netball players basically include two different options: netball dresses, or a netball top and a skirt or skort. As an alternative to skirts and skirts, it is also possible to purchase shorts or netball pants, although many teams prefer skirts for a number of reasons.

One of them is that they can allow a greater range of motion than shorts and can also be much more comfortable. Netball is a dynamic sport and it takes a lot of running and jumping. Having a skirt means it is very easy to move around freely during the game which is one of the main reasons why this garment is such a popular choice.

A modern alternative is the skort, which is a mix of the skirt and a pair of shorts. This provides a greater level of flexibility than just simple shorts, and at the same time, it can also provide more comfort and ease on the court. The reason is that there is no special sports underwear required, which is required when wearing a skirt.

Another important part of this duo is netball vests and shirts, complementing the skirt or skirt perfectly. With these items, length is very important, as items that are too long can be uncomfortable and restrictive, and items that are too short may pull up, making them equally uncomfortable and impractical.

If you go for a skirt and top combination, care should be taken in choosing a lower body garment that balances comfort and ease of movement, while length is a primary consideration for clothing worn across the upper body.

The main alternatives to this are netball dresses, which perfectly integrate a top and bottom garment into one easy to wear and fully flexible item to allow the greatest freedom of movement. Again, length is an important consideration here, and often netball dresses will need to be tailored to the height of each girl on the netball team.

These will also require the purchase of special shorts and underwear under the dresses for ultimate comfort. Regardless of that, dresses remain the most popular choice on the court for their high level of comfort and suitability for the vibrancy of the game – they can also make fantastic and unique uniforms.

Regardless of the selection of clothing chosen, the type of fabric is very important to be carefully selected, as it will affect the performance of every netball player during the game. Many fabrics are synthetic blends, which is a reasonable choice considering their lightweight nature and ability to regulate moisture, with the added flexibility being a bonus.

However, these are not the only options on the market and your choice should be made based on the needs and preferences of you and your team, as well as what is available within your budget from the retailer and manufacturer you are looking for. have chosen.

Fit is also important – as mentioned above when it comes to length – and choosing items that aren’t too tight or too loose will also mean netball players perform their best, wearing a dress. or a vest and shorts.

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