To prevent the US election from degenerating, Facebook will ban political ads


After years of refusal, Facebook announces that it is banning political ads. In an interview with American journalists, the company’s executives announced that the social network will no longer broadcast sponsored messages of a political nature from November 3, the date of the American presidential election. The purpose of this indefinite suspension is to limit the dissemination of false information.

The scenario of chaos

In total, Facebook has imagined 80 scenarios to try to anticipate the outcome of the November 3 election. The event that worries the social network the most – and which is very likely to occur, Donald Trump himself acknowledging it – is that no winner will be chosen on election night. The counting of votes by correspondence could take a long time and would therefore prevent the United States from knowing the name of its future president for several days. In this scenario, the risk that the two candidates will declare themselves the winners is of growing concern. What if one of them suggests to their supporters that their votes have been stolen?

By banning political ads from its platform, Facebook is trying to avoid future problems. The company knows that it will be accused if the situation were to degenerate, as in every political crisis in recent years. Without political ads, she can at least say she tried to act.
Another measure announced, Facebook intends to remove fake news more regularly. “This includes the president” precise Monica Bickert, Head of Global Policy Management at Facebook.

Source: The New York Times

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