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What’s up? In this minor change, a range of two-tone colors are available. Combination of black roof, pillar, exterior mirror, rear spoiler, etc. New color “Emotional Red II” added. Black interior color is added to the genuine leather + suede seat (optional for G “Z”). Improve your driving by optimizing the suspension. “Display audio” compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto is standard equipment.

Toyota made a complete model change as the third generation of the new Auris / Auris Hybrid and was launched on June 26, 2018 as a new “Corolla Hatchback” in the US and as a new “Corolla Sports” in Japan and started sales through Toyota stores. On August 2, 2018, a new model equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission (6-speed MT) was installed and launched globally.

Key features of the next-gen Corolla Sports are the 2nd-gen Toyota Safety Sense

By adopting a new platform called TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) (GA-C platform), it is possible to obtain a larger interior space than the current model. By adopting a newly developed platform, such as achieving high aerodynamic performance, it achieves a significant evolution from the current model by “lowering the center of gravity” and “increasing the stiffness of the body”.

All models of the new generation Toyota Safety Sense second generation fitted to the new Alphard / Vellfire, which will be released on January 8, 2018, will be standard equipment. Laser radar and camera are used to ensure excellent reconnaissance performance and reliability, and support for PCS, LDA and AHB collision prevention is provided. Collision avoidance assist / damage mitigation performance for high speed areas

    Lane Departure Warning (LDA) the camera recognizes the white and yellow lines in the traffic lane, and if a possible lane departure is detected, a warning is given to the driver with a buzzer and a screen to prevent collision accidents due to a lane departure. Support.

    Automatic high beam (AHB) The camera detects the headlights of oncoming vehicles or the taillights of preceding vehicles and automatically switches between high beam and low beam to reduce glare to other vehicle drivers and to ensure visibility towards the road. before during the night assistance.

    Radar cruise control Radar cruise control which uses millimeter wave radar to detect the inter-vehicle distance of the preceding vehicle and adjusts the speed according to the vehicle speed of the preceding vehicle in the set vehicle speed, while maintaining a constant inter-vehicle distance. Adopted. The lane change of the vehicle ahead is detected by radar and millimeter wave camera, and smoother acceleration / deceleration control is achieved. Toyota researches and develops various safety equipment and systems based on the “Integrated Safety Concept” with the aim of “zero traffic accidents”, which is the ultimate wish of the mobility society. In addition to making efforts, we are strengthening a wide range of road safety initiatives through ‘participation in road environment maintenance’ and ‘road safety awareness activities for people’.

    Lane Keeping Aid (LTA) Lexus The Lane Tracing Assist [LTA] installed in the new LS series is used for the first time in the new generation of Toyota Safety Sense P. When driving on a motorway or on a motorway, activate Lane Tracing Assist [LTA] the switch when the radar cruise control is activated will help the steering operation necessary to maintain the lane.

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