Trump Organization under criminal investigation


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The New York State prosecutor, working with the Manhattan prosecutor, announced Tuesday evening that her investigation into the Trump Organization of the former US president was no longer just civil in nature, but criminal.

New legal troubles for Donald trump. The Trump Organization, the conglomerate owned by the family of the former US president, is the target of a criminal investigation, the New York State prosecutor announced on Tuesday (May 18).

“We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into this organization is no longer solely of a civilian nature,” said a spokesperson for Prosecutor Leitia James. “We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in criminal matters, together with the Manhattan prosecutor,” she added.

The Trump Organization is made up of hundreds of businesses linked to Donald Trump or his relatives, including hotels, real estate companies, and golf courses.

“Witch hunt”

Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance, a Democrat, in 2018 began an investigation initially focused on payments made, before the 2016 presidential election, to two alleged mistresses of the Republican billionaire, and now extended to allegations of tax evasion, tax evasion. insurance or bank fraud.

This investigation is conducted confidentially before a grand jury. Attorney Vance obtained tax returns from Donald Trump for the past eight years and from the Trump Organization in February after a long legal battle.

Donald Trump, who left the White House in January, denies any wrongdoing and called the investigation “a continuation of the biggest political witch hunt in our country’s history.”

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