Trump wants the US state to get some of the money back from TikTok


Donald Trump has spoken out for the first time on the TikTok affair since his threat of impending ban. He said it was impossible to control TikTok if it remained Chinese. And that the only way out was for a business “Very American” as Microsoft buys the application.

Much more surprisingly, he feels that a large amount of money is at stake with this sale. He demands that “A very important part of this price” be deducted from this transaction and revert to the US Treasury Department. “We are doing our best to make this agreement a success”, he justifies.

TikTok would be worth $ 100 billion

TechCrunch recalls that TikTok is valued at $ 100 billion but this entity has several other applications. Difficult to estimate the value of what would come to Microsoft. And what appears to be emerging – a forced levy by the US state – is unlike any classic case of merger or acquisition.

According to the New York Times, Trump was not in favor of a Microsoft takeover of TikTok just a few days ago. He wanted to totally ban the application on American soil. It was the phone calls from his boss Satya Nadella and Republican Senator Lindsey Grahan that made him change his mind. Washington considers TikTok to be a national security concern for the United States because it has access to the vast amount of data of hundreds of millions of American users. Information that Beijing could use, according to the Americans.

As a reminder, Microsoft’s current negotiations with TikTok relate not only to its activities in the United States but also in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Sources: The New York Times, TechCrunch

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