Tutorial PES 2013: Top 3 winning strategies in matches


Seasoned players in PES Master League Online mode are able to achieve successive victories and achieve high rankings because they understand the game well, know what works in PES Master League Online and are able to exploit the weaknesses of the game to punish their opponents. In this tutorial, you will learn how to apply some of these tips in your next online game.

1. Controlled shooting

Controlled fire in PES 2013 and PES MLO is very effective, perhaps too effective for everyone’s liking. If you have a better attacker, a controlled shot is more likely to find the net. To execute a good, controlled shot, aim for the far post with the player’s strongest foot, load the shot and press R2. The attacker will roll the ball well in front of the goalkeeper in the corner of the net. Online gamers frequently use it to great effect, and you should too.

2. Chipped passage

An effective way to divide the defense. The chipped pass allows you to go around the entire defense with a simple ball. Use this in conjunction with a fast attacker, and you’ll have plenty of one-on-one chances with the goalkeeper in PES 2013. This is widely used in PES MLO, and certainly a necessary skill to master in order to move up the rankings in online mode. . To use the chipped pass, push the right analog stick towards the attacker and trigger a forward run. Once the attacker has started their run, hold L1 and reload the pass button. Placing the attacker at the very top of the formation will also help with the implementation of this trick.

3. Play the left footer on the right flank

And vice versa. Think Robben and Ribery for Bayern Munich. Or Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria at Real Madrid. Playing a left footer on the right flank is very useful as it allows the player to easily cut into the box, aim for the far post and send a powerful shot towards the goal. It also puts your player in the best position to perform the controlled shot mentioned earlier in this tutorial. When playing with a formation with two full-back midfielders or wingers, select the appropriate players for the role so that a left footer is on the right flank and vice versa. For a formation with 2 attackers, you can also play a left foot attacker as a right attacker and vice versa.

These are the top 3 strategies used by the majority of the top PES Master League Online players. Practicing and using these strategies will allow you to match the best players in the online mode.

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