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It was one of Twitter’s most monumental mistakes. Federal Trade Comission (FTC) opens investigation. The social network confirmed this August 3 to be affected an investigation by the American agency, responsible for consumer rights and anti-competitive practices.

In October 2019, the company headed by Jack Dorsey, revealed to have transmitted ” by mistake “ the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of its users to certain advertisers. They could then use them for advertising targeting purposes, while the terms of use of the service stipulated that they were reserved for security use. This use lasted for several years, between 2013 and 2019.

Breaching an agreement with the FTC?

Beyond violating the agreement between the service and its users, this practice also violated an agreement between Twitter and the FTC in 2011. The social network had made a commitment to the agency to strengthen the security of its users’ data. For breaking it, the San Francisco-based company faces a $ 250 million fine.

This FTC investigation falls very badly for Twitter, which is at the heart of a storm related again to the security of its service. July 15, 130 personal or business accounts have been hacked, probably by a 17-year-old Florida resident.

Source: CNet

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