Fight against disinformation and propaganda seems to have become the priesthood of Twitter. At the forefront of this fight compared to other social networks, the platform announces a new label that will identify media funded and controlled by states like RT (Russia Today) which is under the influence of Moscow.

Their audience will be penalized

Representatives of these media, such as editors, will also be reported. The content sent by these entities will be penalized when they are taken into account by the algorithms. They will no longer be highlighted or suggested, the objective being to limit their audience. The national media which preserve their editorial independence such as the BBC or Radio France will be spared.

“We believe that people have a right to know when a media account is directly or indirectly affiliated with a state actor,” commented on the company in its press release.

The accounts of institutions, ministries or main government officials and ambassadors will also be covered by this label. But again, their audience will not be restricted by algorithms.

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