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After years of community tinkering, the GNU / Linux Ubuntu distribution now natively supports cards Raspberry Pi Generation 4, announced the parent company of the operating system in a press release presenting its new version 20.10 (codenamed Groovy Gorilla).

So far, it has been community members adapting and compiling a version by hand. Now, all you have to do is download the correct installation image directly from the Canonical website, to enjoy the full Ubuntu experience on a Raspberry Pi 4. Well, not all Raspberry Pi 4s: only versions integrating at least 4 GB of RAM. Either the latest motures of the classic B version as well as the new Compute Modules.

Long term support point for this version, Ubuntu 20.10 will only benefit from 9 months of updates. But with this first compatible version, there is no doubt that the Raspberry Pi 4 will be supported by the next “LTS” (long term support) version.

The choice of operating system for the Raspberry Pi ecosystem continues to grow stronger. Last month it was Redhat which announced its official support by its Fedora IoT system. Until today a platform for education and hackers, the Raspberry Pi is now a system of choice for professional and industrial projects. What – again! – accelerate its development.

Source: Canonical (Ubuntu) via ArsTechnica

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