Today’s bargain is from Micromania. At a time when more and more people are starting to sell their consoles to prepare for the purchase of an Xbox Series or a PS5, the famous video game brand announces that it is increasing the value of in-store trade-ins until October 12, one month before the arrival of the next-gen. A voucher valid until November 30 will be given to you in exchange.

Times higher than the occasion

On sites like The good corner, we find PS4 Pro around 200-250 euros. By taking back the console for 250 euros, Micromania is therefore offering its owners an excellent deal. You will need to bring back a controller, the power cable and an HDMI cable for the brand to give you your voucher. Usually, Micromania’s practice is to start the console and test its disk drive for a few seconds. We cannot say that he is really demanding.

Among the other good plans, the Xbox One X at 200 euros (a price at which it is possible to buy it recently reconditioned) or the first generation PS4 at 175 euros are also satisfactory. Only the first Xbox One is forgotten by Micromania.

Of course, this bargain would have been even better if it had been possible to keep its current console until mid-November, when the PS5 and Xbox Series are available. In case of resale before October 12, you will no longer have a console for a month … or even more depending on the out of stock. Still, if you don’t want to sell it yourself and you have a spare console or PC, Micromania’s offer is very interesting.

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