When the fight against counterfeiting goes a little too far. US Customs proudly announced on September 14 that they had seized more than 2,000 fakes AirPods, Coming from Hong Kong, to JFK Airport in New York. A nice take that represents according to the federal services a value of 398,000 dollars. Such an operation could only be promoted with great support from Press release and tweet.

Except that the officers should have taken a closer look at the boxes and their labels. Since it is in fact … OnePlus Buds. And there is no indication as of yet that these are counterfeits of the Chinese brand’s true wireless headphones. However, it is absolutely certain that these headphones are anything but copies of Apple’s headphones.

“Give them back!” “

Suffice to say that the operation drew a lot of mockery on Twitter, in particular from the American account of OnePlus which calls out to federal agents: “Hey, give them back! “.

This error shows how the design of the AirPods has been copied overwhelmingly by the competition from Apple. So much so that even customs no longer know how to recognize them.

Source: The Verge

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