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A gnome in orbit to save a hospital? This is Gabe Newell’s surprising new idea to say the least. In a statement, the head of Valve announced Monday, December 1, his intention to launch the garden gnome named “Gnome Chompski” into space on November 16. A real-life tribute to ” Little rocket man From the famous Half-Life 2 game.

$ 1 per viewer

In collaboration with Rocket Lab, Gabe Newell plans to donate one dollar per connected viewer to the pediatric intensive care unit at Starship Children’s Hospital located in New Zealand, to watch the launch live or within 24 hours. This funny charity action will allow “ help the economy and the community that housed it “, According to the press release, because since the start of the pandemic, the American lives in Auckland, New Zealand. The Verge note all the same that Gabe Newell could have directly paid the sum to the hospital … but it is less funny.

To orbit the 150mm titanium statuette, Rocket Lab will use the Electron Kick Stage (see the video above). The garden gnome was made by Atelier Weta in Wellington, the studio behind many of the makeup effects, weapons and creatures featured in the films ” The Lord of the Rings “. The rocket has the ability to reorient itself and leave orbit to burn in Earth’s atmosphere, leaving “Gnome Chompski” to float alone in space.

He will be accompanied by 29 other satellites which will depart from the southern tip of the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand. Even if the idea may seem absurd, it is already a successful publicity stunt for Valve, coupled with a nice gesture for the New Zealand hospital.

Source : The Verge

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