VEats Want to Make Eating Out for Vegans Easier


VEats is a new digital platform that assists customers in finding plant-based options in their area. Lara Young and Susan McCarthy, two Australians, founded the new platform, which is currently being rolled out in Sydney, Australia, with plans to expand to the United Kingdom later.

VEats Want to Make Eating Out for Vegans Easier

VEats, according to Young and McCarthy, is a “first-of-its-kind” app that allows users to search a comprehensive list of businesses in their city that serves animal-free food. Users will be able to book tables at restaurants, order delivery, and queue for takeout from the digital platform.


Young and McCarthy were motivated to create the site after their personal struggles with adopting a vegan diet and the extensive amount of study necessary to remain on top of their eating alternatives. “I realized that if it was difficult for me, it would be difficult for everyone trying to go to a plant-based diet. That’s when I came up with the concept for VEats “Young revealed in a recent news release.

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