Among the different ways to promote a new version of software, the Vivaldi browser teams have chosen the fun route. Vivaldi which goes to version 3.4 now includes a complete video game, both in its desktop version (Win / Mac / Linux) and mobile (Android / Chromebook).

Called “Vivaldia” after the funny motorized heroine we lead in this platform game, the title is an ode to the cyberpunk-influenced “2D with big pixels” era. And turns out to be an allegory of the little hero (the browser Vivaldi embodied by Vivaldia) operating in a hostile environment dominated by “giants” (Chrome, Edge, etc.).

A roundabout way of promoting the technologies integrated into the browser: side-by-side tabs, integration of services (Discord, Reddit, etc.), privacy tools (ad blockers and trackers), captures screen and other HTML5 videos in floating window.

Source : Vivaldi press release

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