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Virgin Hyperloop It is definitely taking a step ahead of its competitors to make the supersonic train project imagined by Elon Musk a reality. A two-person test was successfully completed this Sunday at the DevLoop test track in the Nevada desert. This is the first time that a Hyperloop prototype has been tested in this way by humans.

Two company executives took their seats in the Pegasus XP-2 Pod: CTO Josh Giegel and Head of Passenger Experience Sara Luchian. They traveled at a top speed of 160 km / h before slowing down very quickly, with the track extending only 500 meters.

A final speed of 1223 km / h

Virgin Hyperloop already claimed more than 400 tests without passengers. Ultimately, the pod should carry up to 23 people with a top speed of 1,223 km / h.

Last month, Virgin Hyperloop chose West Virginia to set up its certification center, while the regulation of this type of transport is already underway in the United States.

Source: Virgin Hyperloop

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