Virgin Hyperloop promises its supersonic train for 2030


Virgin Hyperloop is one of the many companies trying to develop the supersonic and magnetic levitation train designed by Elon Musk. The company, led by Richard Branson since 2017, has just scored points by announcing that it will be able to obtain safety certification by 2025. The launch of the service could take place in 2030 and connect states like Ohio, Texas, Missouri, Washington and North Carolina.

Regulations are on the move

In July 2020, a draft regulation to regulate this new type of transport was unveiled in the United States. This will allow this project to benefit from federal funding. But to get the precious sesame, Virgin Hyperloop is going to open a global certification center in West Virginia. Its construction is expected to be completed in 2023.

The commissioning could take place from 2030. Virgin Hyperloop is the most advanced company in terms of testing since it has carried out experiments on several prototypes in the Nevada desert. But competitors Transpod or Hyperloop Transportation Technologies are still in the running.

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