Vivaldi inaugurates a function to put the Web on “Pause”


Vivaldi, the web browser of the former Opera boss, has just been updated with a funny feature. Users now have the option of putting their browser on “Pause” to temporarily cut themselves off from the Web. Once activated, this new function actually makes it possible to hide all the content loaded in the browser.

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Help with disconnection

With the current health crisis and the explosion of teleworking, Vivaldi believes that its users are no longer taking enough breaks. To help them get off the hook and occasionally enjoy a real break, the browser editor has decided to integrate a “Pause” function, which can be activated by a dedicated button, and which simply allows you to cut yourself off from the Internet to go about other occupations, without having to close the browser.

Once activated, Vivaldi’s “Pause” stops playing HTML5 videos, mutes the sound, hides all tabs as well as the active page and all content displayed on open web pages, leaving the user with one screen. empty. When this “Pause” is over, the user can resume their activity where they left off by clicking on a “Play” button.
Note that this new function will also be very useful for temporarily hiding the content displayed in your browser if someone disturbs you.

A new theme in private browsing and enhanced security

For this update to version 3.3, Vivaldi has also decided to integrate a new theme for its private browsing windows. “Biolet”, a mixture of blue and purple, is believed to make it easier for users to distinguish normal windows from private windows.

Also new, the browser now highlights domain names in the URL displayed in the address bar. This will make it easier to identify malicious pages pretending to be legitimate.

In addition, the browser now allows you to navigate more quickly in the tree structure of a website. You just have to hold the key Ctrl button and click directly on part of the URL to cut it. The user can thus quickly navigate through the different directories or sections of the site.

Finally, Vivaldi 3.3 now offers the possibility of blocking entire pages thanks to its integrated tracker and ad blocker.

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