VLC has just updated its application on Android. The multimedia player, upgraded to version 3.3, has completely revised its interface. Navigation within the application has been redesigned and is now organized around a navigation bar grafted at the bottom of the window.

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Smartphone users with a large screen may appreciate being able to navigate the app more easily, unlike the old system, which grouped everything together in a hamburger menu at the top of the screen. This new, more modern design offers more space and reduces the number of interactions to carry out your usual tasks. The browse button, displayed in the center of the navigation bar, allows you to access files stored locally and on the network from the same place.

But the new thing that should mainly interest VLC users is the arrival of a true dark theme displaying full black, ideal if you have a smartphone with an OLED display.

For the rest, VLC 3.3 now shows the general progress of the playlist for audio files, while the video player also benefits from a graphical overhaul giving it a more modern look.

In addition, it is now possible to lock the orientation of the screen directly from the playback controls or even lock the entire screen to avoid false operations, from the advanced options. Note that all video player improvements have also been ported to Android TV.

Source: VLC Release Notes

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