Volleyball is a great sport. It is one of the sports that young athletes can play and continue to play throughout their lives. Volleyball players young and old can see great improvements in their game with sport specific drills.

Volleyball is a very explosive sport that requires unique strengths. Each position imposes a specific demand on the body. To prepare your body for these demands, you must train it for these demands. This is the concept of sport specific training. This type of training subjects the body to drills that mimic game situations and improve volleyball’s specific strength needs, such as for serve or knockouts, or flexibility and agility, such as for volleyball techniques. dig and jump to play net.

The problem with the coaching and training that takes place in many schools and colleges is the “one size fits all” training method; lift in the gym and run. These generic routines do nothing to help you on the volleyball court. Think of the bench press, for example, an exercise that many coaches have their volleyball players do. A bench press is designed to build strength and chest size. That’s fine, but think about the game of volleyball and the game situations that arise. Where would that help? It would not be.

Another reason why sport specific training is vital is that it trains the body as a whole, which is how it is used in a volleyball game. In other words, there is no bicep curl or shoulder pressure, but the whole body is creatively and effectively challenged to prepare it for the demands of the sport. Emphasis is also placed on the strength of the core, which is of vital importance for stability and strength. The core is the body’s powerhouse and the source of its balance and strength.

Finally, a strong sport-specific training routine will significantly reduce the risk of injury to the athlete. This is due to the readiness that exists in the body after training specifically for the sport being played.

If your volleyball training program does not incorporate Volleyball training techniques that it is not complete and that you are not reaching your potential. The body is an amazing thing and when properly trained it is capable of amazing things. Anyone can do sport specific workouts and frankly most people prefer it to repetitive workouts. It is also an effective method of working out because the exercises are incredibly effective.

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