As we announced this Wednesday, the outage which affected the fixed Internet access services of SFR and Bouygues Telecom this Tuesday was due to a computer attack of the DDoS type. A dozen European ISPs were reportedly affected in total. Remember that in France, in addition to the two large operators, FDN and K-net have been targeted. We can also mention EDP in Belgium and Caiway, Delta, FreedomNet,, Signet and in the Netherlands.

Dutch anti-DDos organization NBIP today claims that they were Connection-less Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (CLDAP) reflection denial-of-service attacks, a method of reflection and amplification using the connectionless directory access protocol. NBIP recalls, as had already been said, that some attacks lasted more than four hours and reached almost 300 Gbit / s in volume.

Orange and Free were not affected

Orange told us that it was not targeted. The same goes for Free. “We were lucky not to be affected but we remain extremely vigilant”, told us the CEO of Iliad Thomas Reynaud. Free argues that the blackout was global. He is not the only one to rely on this assumption. The ZDnet site also asks the question.

The media questioned the link between this assault and the DDos attacks that targeted the financial sector, including MoneyGram, YesBank India, PayPal, Braintree and Venmo. The gang behind the incident had assaulted several ISPs in Southeast Asia weeks earlier. It is also disturbing that a major blackout crippled US internet giant CenturyLink the previous weekend. And it was due precisely to a DDos attack. Cisco and Cloudfare have indeed diagnosed that the interruption of the service was due to the misuse of Flowspec, a tool used to counter DDos attacks.


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