“We are sure to defeat Daesh”, says Iraqi foreign minister


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In an interview with France 24, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein spoke of the challenges Iraq and the Middle East are currently facing. He expressed his concern about “an increase in places of Daesh activity” in Iraq. “We are sure to defeat Daesh but we still need to cooperate with many, many other countries,” he added.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein said in an interview with France 24 that the Iraqi Prime Minister had asked Iran and the United States to refrain from any proxy war on Iraqi soil.

“A new phase of dialogue” with Turkey

According to him, relations between Iraq and Turkey have also improved. “We hope that a new phase of dialogue can begin soon with Ankara,” he said.

Fouad Hussein also revealed that the Iraqi prime minister has been invited to Turkey and the Turkish foreign minister is due to visit Baghdad soon.

To see the full interview, click on the video above.

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