To have a complete test of Microsoft’s next console, the Xbox Series X, we will have to wait a few more weeks. Sorry! But, console yourself (oh oh oh): As of yesterday, Thursday, October 15, we are able to give you our first impressions of Microsoft’s next super-powerful console, the Xbox Series X.
We decided to offer you thematic articles rather than a huge river article that would have given you thumb or index finger cramps, depending on whether you read us on your smartphone or computer.

We will publish these articles (short or moderately short) as we discover and get started. To get the ball rolling, we started, once, with you talk about the controller, of its good as of its less good sides.

Now, it’s time to get down to business. As we explain in the box below, the Core System of our Xbox Series X is not yet final. So we don’t have a perfectly stable OS. However, it is quite enough to allow us to carry out our first tests and to give you our first impressions.

All of our first performance measurements, in this case time, are to be taken with a few tweezers for now. We will remake them as soon as the final OS is received and you will find them in their entirety (more games, more measurements) in our final test article to be published in some time.

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The X factor of this Series: speed

  • Starting up, waking up from standby and starting on a hill :

Microsoft has been telling us about console starts, restarts, and logins for months. We took him at his word. So we asked our Xbox One X next to the Series X, we connected the consoles to two 4K displays with HDMI and we made them do circuit tours. Full. We even added the installation of a game from a physical disc, GTA V not to mention it (which is not yet playable on the Series X for the time being).

The numbers speak for themselves. The times achieved by Microsoft’s new console are just … crazy. Barely the button Power touched, that the “chime” sounds and that the identification interface … appears.

When it was first turned on, we even believed that Microsoft had sent it to us in standby mode. No, those are really big starts that the Series X achieves. We have almost halved the time it takes for a commanded restart of the console.
On the other hand, the function of waking up from Sleep is not instantaneous, it takes a little less time than on the One X, but the two Xboxes are, here, shoulder to shoulder.

We didn’t expect the improvements to be felt until you install a game from a physical disc. But even then we managed to save six minutes on a full procedure of GTA V who even offered the luxury of being playable just over five minutes after the game’s cake was swallowed by the console next gen.

  • Launching games, loading saves :

Okay, let’s get to the games now. Here we offer you only a very small range of the scores we have measured. We took Microsoft games, AAA games from third-party publishers, and … Fortnite, like guinea pigs.

Note that the launch time is measured between the moment we have selected the game in the interface and the moment when the first screen with which we can interact appears.

For the loadings of saves or the resumption of games, the time is measured between the moment when we have chosen the part to load and the moment when the game is fully playable, the scenes correctly displayed on the screen.

On average, there is a time saving ranging from 25 to almost 150% thanks to the entire hardware platform of the machine. SSD has a lot to do with it, but so does GDDR6 memory. Without forgetting the big chip which combines both the CPU part and the GPU.

Quick Resume, my love!

The Quick Resume is one of the lethal weapons of the Xbox Series X. In short, it allows you to launch several games at the same time and to be able to switch between them without having to restart them each time.
Better, you resume your game exactly where you left it. We tried it for you and it works. The Quick Resume is one of the most important components of Microsoft’s Velocity Architecture techno.

Technically, to put it simply, it is thanks to the combined efforts of the SSD, RAM and different units of the chip that this little miracle is possible. A kind of image of your game is stored in memory, compressed into a very small package, which will be ready to be unpacked in seconds at the slightest of your requests.

We loaded our backups ofAssassin’s Creed Origins and Red Dead Redemption 2 in a row on both consoles. Then, we then had fun switching from one game to the next. Finally, on the Series X only. On the One X, for lack of Quick Resume, it is impossible.

On One X, when you want to switch from one game to another, it closes the current game and then starts the next one. It loads the backup, etc. Assessment to go from the title of Ubisoft to that of Rockstar, it took us more than five minutes.
Practical for making a coffee, you even have time to grind the beans and choose the size of the filter.

On the Series X, As she can quite manage both at the same time, she does the switch in … 13 seconds. She doesn’t give you a moment’s respite. She is there to play, not to make coffee … precisely. Conclusion: you will have to take the snapshot.

How many games to overcome the Quick Resume?

Two games, too easy for the Quick Resume? OK. Let’s go to three, then four. We introduced Gears 5 in our procedure and finally, Dirt 5 (to which we have early access to test the console).

We then varied things as follows: Red Dead Redemption 2 (very heavy game) – Gears 5 (less heavy game because not open world) – Assassin’s Creed Origin (heavy game) – Dirt 5 (moderately heavy but damn graphically optimized).

Conclusion: 17 seconds on average (20 at worst) to move from one title to another and resume our games where we left them. It’s magic. In Dirt 5, we did not expect such a recovery (10 seconds) on the hats of the wheel. Surprised, we made a nice exit from the road and finished last in the stage …

More seriously, after having tasted the Quick Resume, we naturally ask ourselves the question: how could we have done without this technology before? This is going to really change the way we play the console. And no doubt bring the Xbox Series X a little closer to a … supercharged gaming PC.

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