Logitech MX Keys and MX Master 3 for Mac. By adapting MX Keys and MX Master 3 mice, both wireless and already released on PCs, Macs, Logitech places its products, certainly proven, on a hunting ground where Apple intends to excel. An assertion that is especially true when it comes to keyboards. While those of the iMac have not changed for a long time, those of the MacBook ranges have undergone a profound mutation and a recent change.

On the mouse side, the Magic Mouse has its fans but nevertheless struggles to satisfy all uses. Indeed, the vision of the mice of the Cupertino company comes up against a historical asceticism which can sometimes hamper optimal use. On this point, the Swiss company opts for a totally different approach, so as not to be antithetical. Its mice, the MX Master 3, in any case, promise everything and more. What about the facts?

The case of the MX Keys keyboard

First observation, the MX Keys and MX Master 3 clearly benefit from a Logitech visual identity. They cannot be mistaken for Apple products. Nevertheless, the design of the keyboard is extremely pleasant, the curves of its case are echoed in the keys, large and responsive, and the space gray color of the case is a small aesthetic trick that ends up blending this input device into your small Mac universe. .

The keys are comfortable, more stable than those of iMac keyboards but less than those of an Apple portable keyboard, butterfly or Magic Keyboard. However, we are dealing with excellent input quality. The stroke of the keys is quite short, flexible and discreet, and their dome is slightly curved to prevent the finger from slipping when typing without looking at the keyboard. Their layout is equivalent to that of Apple keyboards, down to the Function key placed on the right side of the keyboard, which is not its most convenient location.

In the upper row, we find the traditional Function keys, which also control the lighting of the screen of the machine to which the keyboard is coupled, activate the functions Exposé, LaunchPad, the adjustment of the backlight intensity of the keys of the keyboard (with automatic ignition when you bring your hands together), multimedia playback keys, sound and even disc ejection.
Following are the three keys that will allow you to switch from one device to another, as these two Logitech products can be paired with three devices. So, in our test, we configured the MX Keys to work with a 2020 MacBook Pro, 2012 iMac, and latest generation iPad Pro. They work seamlessly from one to the other as soon as the right button is pressed. It’s extremely convenient.

To continue the owner’s tour, Logitech has placed, above the numeric keypad, the keys F16 to F19, which by default allow you to launch the calculator, take a screenshot, launch a search or lock the machine. . Note for this final key that we had to assign the keyboard shortcut Ctrl CMD Q on our MacBook Pro for it to be operational.)

Finally, to conclude our discovery, we see that the keyboard is covered by a black plastic part, which must contain the battery and probably some of the sensors and electronics necessary for the operation of the MX Keys – it is also possible to open it to change the battery, when it has had its day. This black module also incorporates a battery charge status indicator and the USB-C socket for recharging the MX Keys. On the other hand, there is no wheel like on some other Logitech keyboard models.
Finally, this upper part is so designed that it raises the keyboard a little bit for more comfortable typing. Too bad, however, that the incline cannot be adjusted further. Lovers of high-rear keyboards will be disappointed. But on a daily basis, that’s not really a problem.

An ergonomic mouse with buttons

Magic Mouse aficionados may turn around right away if they don’t intend to adapt – same thing for lefties, this MX Master 3 for Mac is designed for right-handed people. A left-hander will eventually be able to use it, but less comfortably.

It offers a clean design, which perfectly hugs a dexter, and even offers a thumb rest on the left side. Rather ergonomic, this design is much more loaded and “PC” in mind than a Magic Mouse, that’s for sure.

However, once again, the promise is to put the most control options at your fingertips every day. The two main buttons are perfect, the MagSpeed ​​wheel offers a real welcome flexibility. We can let it unfold a long Excel table or an infinite web page by unlocking its rotation – Logitech promises to scroll 1000 lines in a second – or, on the contrary, activate a notch effect, very pleasant, that we will favor most time. To switch from one to the other, all you have to do is press the button on the top of the MX Master 3 for Mac shell.

On the thumb side, therefore left, the Logitech mouse offers three buttons and a wheel. The first two buttons are located on the side, just very traditional. The wheel is placed just above and is designed to allow you, in particular, to scroll through documents horizontally. Perfect, once again for Excel, but also for long timelines. Finally, the last button is on the thumb rest. It is not necessarily easy to reach / activate if you place your hand in a high position, slightly curved on the mouse, and the thumb is therefore not resting … on its rest.

But again, if you need this button on a daily basis, you can easily adapt its grip.

Either way, the Darkfield 4000 dpi sensor is ultra responsive, precise, and nearly all-terrain, even on a surface protected by glass. However, we recommend that you use a good old mouse pad. Finally, note that the MX Master 3 is given to last 70 days without being connected. Even if you have to, the supplied USB-C cable (which is a bit short) plugs in so that you can continue to use it. Small message to Apple designers, you see that it is possible to both charge and use a mouse.

When software is in the air

If Logitech had stopped there, it would have already delivered two very high performance products that deserved the trip. But that’s without counting on the software armada that accompanies its two devices.

First, of course, is Logi Options, the “Swiss Army Knife” software. It is used both for detecting and pairing the keyboard and mouse, and for checking the state of charge of their battery. But above all, it is at the heart of the true potential of the MX Keys and MX Master 3 for Mac. This is where you can customize the function keys on the keyboard, for example, have a finger press launch a particular application or have a key perform the equivalent of a keyboard shortcut. complex.

Obviously, to be relevant, it is possible to customize the keys according to the software. They will then not do the same in Photoshop or Excel. If you’re not used to it, it will take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you really save a lot of time.

MX Master 3 for Mac can also be configured. Besides the usual sensitivity, and other scrolling speed, you can assign actions to the different buttons to activate Exposé, for example. Once again, the mouse buttons may behave differently in different applications. So by default, the side wheel can side-scroll an Excel table, zoom in Word, or change the size of the brush tool in Photoshop. And these are just a few of the apps that have predefined behaviors.

Obviously, all your settings and preferences are saved in the Logitech cloud through the Options application. This means that you just need to install it on a device and you will be right at home.

You will really be able to work on your fine motor skills and work wonders with your keyboard and mouse, if you can memorize all of your combinations. Especially since Logitech adds another find in your bag. It’s called Duolink and lets you change how the MX Master 3 for Mac behaves when you press a specific key on the Logitech keyboard. For example, you can switch from one desk to another with a flick of your wrist on the mouse while you press a key. No need to let go of your mouse to use the directional arrows. It’s almost as intuitive and fast as using the Magic Trackpad. That says a lot.

Finally, Logitech offers a final software solution, Flow. It lets your mouse move from machine to machine, from Mac to iMac, or even to a Windows PC. It just requires that the application is installed on the different devices, that they are connected to the same network and that your equipment is paired on each machine. It is therefore possible not to change the mouse to work and even move a folder from one machine to another, as if by magic. Sometimes you run into a few minor issues with responsiveness, but overall Flow really makes your life easier.

Verdict, without appeal

By declining its MX Keys and MX master 3 for the Mac, Logitech offers extremely well finished products, of good quality, which seem cut out to face long hours, months and years of work. In addition to particularly pleasant ergonomics and everyday comfort, we appreciate the richness of the software offer and the possibilities it offers. No cloud in the sky of Logitech? A small, but very dark, that of the price. Each of these products is sold for 109 euros, a sum more than tidy, which will be able to cool more than one. But at this price you will have a nicer and more efficient keyboard than Apple’s and a doped mouse built for hours of work, which quite easily eclipses the Magic Mouse. Logitech asks a lot but gives a lot. Difficult to find fault with.

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