With his Nuraphone, Nura had created a surprise by offering the first headphones that analyze your hearing and offer personalized sound. Two years later, the manufacturer has achieved the feat of miniaturizing its technology to integrate it into Bluetooth headphones, called Nuraloop and currently sold for 195 euros.
After some operational problems, resolved by a firmware update, the Nuraloop are fully operational and we were able to get our hands on it, and our ears on it.

No true wireless for those headphones which are connected by a cable which passes behind the ear, then behind the head. This is not a problem if you wear glasses, but the cable is proving inconvenient with a mask in this coronavirus crisis. We are dealing with an in-ear system (four pairs of tips are delivered), but which has the merit of not going too deep into the ears.

A brief overview of the contents of the box: Nura also delivers a practical carrying pouch, a USB cable for charging and a 3.5 mm audio jack cable. It is important not to lose the cables, because they connect to the Nuraloop with a proprietary magnetic system.

Mandatory app for first use

If you think that you only need to connect the headphones with Bluetooth to use them, you are wrong. First use requires downloading the free Nura app on your iOS or Android mobile device. Because it is the latter that allows you to calibrate the headphones for your ears.

The process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes, with a rather surprising loud twittering sounding into the ears. Then you can test the difference between the optimized sound and the neutral sound. The result is clear: there is detail, depth, bass. In short, the optimized rendering is excellent!
In addition, fans of high definition sound will appreciate the presence of the aptX HD codec which improves audio quality in Bluetooth, provided the mobile device is compatible.

But it’s not over yet. Before enjoying the music, the app offers to adjust some additional parameters. First of all, the level of immersion, which is supposed to give the impression of being in a concert hall. We have found that increasing the level of immersion mainly has the effect of increasing the bass, which may be of interest to lovers of strong bass.

Be able to hear outside sounds when needed

Then, the Social mode allows you to hear more or less the outside without having to remove the headphones, which is very practical. The Nuraloop benefit from a noise reduction system which is quite effective when you are in public transport.

The last step is to program the touch buttons located on the left and right headphones. You have three modes: single touch, double touch and circular motion. The latter is used for example to adjust the volume. The tactile surfaces are very sensitive and it is therefore necessary to avoid false maneuvers.
For example, we have not assigned a task to the single touch of the button that also controls the volume, to avoid an unwanted trigger when we want to change the volume. On the other hand, double touch can be used to control the activation of immersion or social mode. It is a good idea from Nura to let the user decide the actions of the control buttons.

On the other hand, the switch from neutral sound to personalized sound can only be done in the app. The latter also indicates the battery level and offers to add additional profiles, for use by another person. However, you are limited to a total of three profiles.

Last point to note, the audio profile is stored in the headphones and you can therefore use it without the need for the application, wired or Bluetooth.

In the end, Nura succeeds in its bet to offer its personalized audio profile technology in headphones, with the highest quality. The manufacturer announces up to 16 hours of autonomy, which is rather comfortable. Next step: true wireless headphones to eliminate that annoying cable between the two earbuds?

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