When playing soccer, can you remember the number of your strikes, your running speed, the number of balls you hit, your hitting speed? If your answer to all of these questions is “yes”, congratulations: you are a robot.

Simple mortals, however, know that a product provides all this information. Adidas, in collaboration with Jacquart by Google, offers GMR, a small tracker to be inserted into a sole provided by Adidas when purchasing the product. After pairing via Bluetooth, downloading an app and updating (yes, updating your shoes, it surprises the first time) you are ready to use this object.

Connected … to FIFA

On the GMR application, you will therefore find the statistics mentioned above (among others), a support chat and a “settings” menu. The second interest of GMR is its connection with the game FIFA Mobile. Adidas and EA have put in place a system whereby your performance on the field will have an impact in the game. You will be able to develop your player’s card on FIFA Mobile thanks to the acrobatic flips you perform in your garden!

As a reminder, this sensor works thanks to technology Jacquart from Google, which aims to connect our textile products. In the same vein, a jacket had already been made some time ago, in collaboration with Levi’s.

If the product interests you, know that you can get it on the Adidas website for € 34.95.

Are you salivating at the thought of seeing a talented football player try this product? We let you watch the video to judge the product and the technical quality of Jordan.

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