We tried Ocigo, a French connected breathalyzer


Ocigo, the connected breathalyzer from the French brand Olythe, lets you know your blood alcohol level, all thanks to an object in the shape of a recorder (no need to know how to play it, we reassure you) d ‘ten centimeters.

It works the same as when law enforcement stops you. You blow constantly into a small nozzle, which you will have previously positioned on the head of the product, and you get your result almost instantly. But in addition to having taken over the operation of a “classic” breathalyzer, Olythe also borrowed the technology used by the police: infrared spectroscopy.

Upon opening the box, you will be pleased to discover that three tips are provided. For each measurement, a new tip must be used, which can represent a certain budget, when you know that a pack of twenty tips is sold … twenty euros.

An efficient application

The app is understated (and dark) but effective. You will be asked to indicate your country so that the regulations configured are those of the place in which you are located. You will then have the option of registering in the application whether you are a young driver or not.

Once you’ve entered this information, you’re good to go: all you have to do is turn on your Ocigo to link it to your phone. You can now breathe. The application will however ask you to wait twenty minutes after your last alcohol consumption in order to have the most consistent result possible. Once the measurement has been taken and your blood alcohol level per liter of exhaled air displayed, you can view a curve detailing the evolution of the latter hour by hour. An option to indicate whether you plan to eat in the meantime can be activated or deactivated very easily.

Interested in this product? You will need to spend € 249.99 to get a pack containing the breathalyzer case and three tips.

Are the measurements of this Ocigo really reliable? Jordan Caucino’s Drunk Video Essay will answer your question!

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