We tried Polaroid’s new pocket printer


We’ve all taken an incredible photo with our phone that we would have loved to stick on our fridge – or somewhere else, we’re not judging. This is what Polaroid’s new printer, the Hi Print, offers you. You may remember the old model that looked … like not much. We let you judge:

The Hi Print is much prettier and much less bulky. To transport it, still have large pockets, the machine is the size of a large external battery.

Aesthetics are cool, but does this printer produce great photos? This is what we tried to see. After downloading the Polaroïd Hi Print application and pairing the printer, we can print our photo. The application allows a fairly large choice of filters. You’ll even have the option to choose a frame or add text to your photo before printing.

One of the peculiarities of this product lies in its printing technique: thermal sublimation, a first for a device of this type. Have no idea what thermal sublimation is? No problem, we’ll explain everything to you in the video.

You can get the Hi Print printer for around a hundred euros. The pack of twenty sheets of photo paper will cost you seventeen euros. Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but that’s the business model for this kind of product.

To see the product in operation, we can only invite you to watch Jordan Caucino’s video test!

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