Don’t know how to play the drums? Good thing, we have a little something for you. Senstroke, two sensors to place on your mallets that promise to help you learn to type properly on a hi-hat and a snare drum.

In the dedicated application, you will be able to find several tabs such as “Play” which seems quite explicit to us. “Learning” will allow you to try your hand, like a Guitar Hero, at more or less sophisticated tunes. The “Sensor” part is used to configure the Senstroke. You will be able to calibrate them, choose which instrument each sensor is attached to (right hand, left hand or foot strap, for the bass drum).

Have you fallen for this product? Note that the “Initiation” pack is 160 € and includes two sensors, a pair of sticks, a foot attachment, a punch pad and a charging cable.

Want to see a Senstroke test? We invite you to discover the video of Jordan Caucino’s column during 01Hebdo!

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