We tried Viktor, a … connected cushion


Viktor will, maybe one day, find himself on the couch of a loved one. The idea of ​​this connected cushion, designed by the French company Fingertips, is to allow people with technological breakthroughs, especially seniors, to be able to try to communicate, have fun and learn without too much tearing their hair out.

Let’s talk about the point that can upset … the price. To get Viktor you will need to spend at least € 249. Note also the presence, optional at 24.90 € per month, of a remote assistance option available permanently, and this, any day.

To be able to use Viktor, you will also need to plug in a Raspberry Pi, supplied in the box. It is obviously difficult to imagine grandpa and grandma installing Raspberry Pi OS on the mini-PC. That’s why you’ll find an inserted SD card with an OS custom made for the cushion. Also supplied in Viktor’s box, a 720p webcam, an HDMI cable and the Raspberry power supply. Alright… it’s over for unboxing, let’s see what’s in his feathers, that pillow.

After loading your cushion (you have to think about it), you are at the configuration page of the network you will be using. Note that navigating only from left to right on a virtual keyboard with three lines and fifteen columns is not the most ergonomic thing that we have had the chance to experience. After you’ve had time to celebrate your birthday twice and finally managed to type in your WiFi password, the setup is complete!

You will now come to an interface where the calendar of Viktor’s owner is displayed. You have the option of pressing the different buttons on the cushion. No need to detail their functions, they are very clear: “photos”, “films”, “music”, “audio books”, “agenda”. By pressing “games”, you will obviously not see GTA V or Red Dead Redemption 2, but rather Quizzes and a Memory. It’s not bad too, in another style … Finally, by pressing “Video calls” you will be able to contact your loved ones by video. Obviously, you must first connect the webcam to the Raspberry Pi.

Here are some of the functions of this object. To discover them all, we invite you to watch the video at the top of the article!

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