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The Mozilla Foundation is rolling out the latest update to its web browser today. The deployment of this update should be done automatically, but it is however possible to launch its installation by going from the main menu, in Help then in About Firefox.

You can also update your browser by directly downloading the dedicated installation file.

Firefox 82 thus benefits from several notable improvements. Among these, the browser’s Picture-in-Picture mode, which allows you to view a video in a remote window, is now easier to use. It now benefits from a more visible and above all clearer activation button, a “Watch in pop-up mode” mention having been added.

On macOS, the button to exit picture-in-picture mode has been fixed. To facilitate its activation, users can now use a keyboard shortcut specially added for the occasion.

Also new, on macOS again, users who closed a browser window a little too quickly can cancel the action using a keyboard shortcut, even if the last program window has been closed.

This update is also an opportunity for Firefox to further strengthen user security. Suspicious files, sometimes downloaded without your knowledge, are now automatically blocked by the browser. When this happens, Firefox will display a notification letting you know.

Finally, Firefox 82 improves its PDF reader, which takes advantage of a new interface, and corrects several bugs which notably affected the printing module or the synchronization of user preferences and the most visited sites.

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