Since the end of confinement, many companies are gradually coming out of their forced shutdown. What if this recovery was also an opportunity to make good resolutions? For example, finally stop being overwhelmed by administrative tasks, which monopolize so many entrepreneurs, especially the smallest.

A survey conducted by FTI Consulting for Plum Consulting and the management software publisher Sage, among 3000 SMEs in 11 countries including France, is in this respect edifying. Managing accounting, payments, invoicing, payroll, etc., would cost an average of 142 working days and 50,800 euros per year for French SMEs. So many resources that managers would prefer to devote, at least in part, to winning new customers, developing their offer … or even, in the current context, ensuring their survival.

Among the solutions to reduce the burden, one is relatively simple to implement: the use of specialized software. Like Sage 50Cloud Ciel, this solution intended for companies with less than 20 employees, which brings together all accounting and sales management in a single interface. Coupled with Microsoft 365 (for example to share data in Excel or Outlook), it is designed as a trusted ally for the manager, easy to use and very operational.

Example with commercial management. Thanks to such a solution, quotes, invoices, credit notes, purchase orders and delivery forms become very easy to edit, with many customizable templates. Above all, payment and collection are facilitated and accelerated. Digital invoices feature a button allowing the customer to pay directly online. In the event of non-payment, the user receives an alert, and a reminder is automatically sent to the customer – enough to reduce these delays which penalize the activity of so many companies! The interface also makes it possible to monitor in real time the activity for each prospect, customer or supplier, the margin achieved, the precise level of stocks … A real management assistant, which saves time and frees the mind.

The same logic goes for accounting. Many entrepreneurs put off this tedious task, accumulate delays and lose control over their cash flow. Then again, software helps to stay up to date and keep professional accounts … without having to be an accountant. The entry of the writings, first, is automated – Sage 50Cloud Ciel can thus be connected to the bank accounts of the company, to import in real time all the payments and receipts of money. By the way, we also eliminate the risk of errors. Other actions that become almost painless: managing expense reports and purchase invoices (no more paper and multiple entries, documents are photographed and entries recorded in one click), or even VAT, which can be remote declared from the interface. As for the accounting documents such as the balance sheet, the income statement, the general ledger, they are accessible at any time in an updated version. Everything is of course permanently compliant with the legal and fiscal requirements in force.

The advantage of such a tool does not lie only in the set of tasks that it allows to simplify. But also in the visibility it brings to the leader. All the figures are concentrated in a single interface, performance indicators calculated in real time help to judge the health of the company … and the software thus provides valuable support for anticipation and decision-making. And this, anywhere and on any medium: thanks to the cloud, you can keep an eye on your management even on the move, and you can easily share data with your employees or accountant.

For the time being, the use of management software is still quite low in French SMEs, compared to other countries. However, many would gain by taking the plunge. Reduce administrative costs, save time and increase productivity, stop being overwhelmed by day-to-day business, focus on the future and development of turnover … What entrepreneur would not dream of?

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